Rupees are the in game currency of the Empire. They can be earned and spent on various things throughout the
Showing Rupees amount

Showing rupees amount.

Empire. You have the same rupees account across all servers so no matter where you are you have your rupees and can spend them. You can view the details on your rupees including the balance by clicking on the "Rupees" tab at the top of the site.

Earning RupeesEdit

- New players start with 1,500 rupees (awarded during the new user tutorial).
- Free players get a daily sign-in bonus of 100 rupees when connecting to a server.
- Supporters get a daily bonus of up to 1,300 rupees, even if they don't sign-in.
- You can create your own shop and sell items to other players (see below).
- More free rupees in the rupees section of the site.