Locking ItemsEdit

Lock chest

Outside of the Town world you can lock chests and other supported items using a sign (for 1,000 rupees each). This will protect it from thieves and trouble makers. All you have to do is place a sign above the item with the word lock on the first line, the system will take care of the rest! You can lock chests, furnaces, crafting tables, jukeboxes, brewing stands, dispensers, enchantment tables, and cauldrons. Once you lock an item only you can use the item and remove the item or the sign locking it.

Bar sign supported lock

Cost and RefundsEdit

Creating a lock costs 1,000 rupees. If you destroy the lock sign you get back 500 rupees. However if you destroy it within 30 seconds you get back the full 1,000 rupees. The reason for the cost is to keep the worlds from being overrun with locked items.

Giving Access to FriendsEdit

When you create a lock your name is always automatically placed on the second line. However you can put a friends name on the third or fourth line. This will give them access to use the item (or open the chest) but NOT access to remove the lock or the item it is protecting.

Periodic Reset AreaEdit

The system won't let you create a lock within 150 blocks of a protected spawn area, this is also known as a periodic reset area.