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Empire VaultEdit

The command to open the empire vault is /vault


The Empire Vault is a miniature banking system. Users who use the vault are able to store a double chests worth of items (56 stacks). The vault can be used cross server, meaning that you can use it to transfer items from SMP1 to SMP9 and so on and so forth. The vault is very useful to keep items safe, as a user will not lose any items stored in the vault on death. The vault is also handy towards a travelling marketer, or for the users who are afraid that there items will be stolen.


The Empire vault costs 10 rupees for every use. This includes opening it just to check on items.


  • The empire vault cannot be loaded in the wilderness or nether
  • Even when in a protected town spawn (such as the wilderness spawn or nether spawn) the vault cannot be opened.
  • Opening the vault costs 10 rupees on every server but utopia.